The Jewish Museum of Rome, located in the monumental Great Synagogue complex. As you move among the various rooms, the museum tour reconstructs Jewish life in Rome from the time of the earliest recorded settlement in the second century before the Common Era, or BCE.

The Great Synagogue

In 1870, with the end of the papal rule over the city, Rome became the new capital of Italy. Jews finally regained their civil rights and were free to settle anywhere throughout the city. Read more…

The Spanish Synagogue

The Sephardic or Spanish rite has been practiced in Rome at least since the arrival of a large number of coreligionists expelled from Spain in 1492.After the demolition of the Scole Catalana and Castigliana… Read more.

The jewish quarter

n 1555 Pope Paul IV established the ghetto, a run-down district where Jews were forced to live apart from the rest of the population…




Italians of the Jewish race. The anti-Semitic laws of 1938 and the Jews of Rome.An excursus that goes from post-ghetto emancipation to the Nazi occupation: eighty years after the enactment of the Italian anti-Jewish laws, the exhibition tells the historical events...

read more


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The rooms

Room 3 – Feasts of the year, feasts of life

Room 3 – Feasts of the year, feasts of life

It is the room dedicated to the events that mark the time of Judaism: prayer, the Sabbath, the annual Jewish holidays and the cycle of life. In each showcase the recurrences of the calendar that characterize the life of the Jews are explained and represented through...

Room 4 – The treasures of the Five Scole

Room 4 – The treasures of the Five Scole

Silver, precious fabrics and polychrome marbles: the room is a tribute to the objects that the Jews of the ghetto donated to their synagogues and the occasion to explain their use within the liturgical celebrations of the Jewish tradition.


For schools or groups of people who want to access the Museum and Synagogues through a private tour, reservation is required.

For individual visitors booking is not compulsory, but required only if you wish to visit the Museum and the Synagogue with a private tour.

The Jewish Museum organizes two daily tours of the Jewish Quarter: the tour in English takes place at 1.30pm and the tour in Italian at 3.00pm. Visits can be booked on our website site, up to 30 minutes before the tour starts at Museum ticket hall.