Jewish Museum of Rome

Virtual tour of the Jewish Museum in Rome

The Director of the Museum explains the Mèíl Fiano 

The Director of the Museum explains the Ketubbà Di Castro – Di Segni of 1785.

Lia Toaff explains the certificate that the Nazis handed over to Jewish families on October16, 1943.

The word of Amedeo Spagnoletto on the meaning of the Passover holiday.

The Italian Jewish Museums wish everyone a Happy Passover.

Giorgia Calò tell us about Antonietta Rafaël Mafai, a twentieth- century artist.

Giorgia Calò tell us about Eva Fischer.

The guide narrate .

Sara Cava tell us about the Great Synagogue .

Giorgia Calò tell us about Menashe Kadishman on the festival of Yom Haatzmaut .

Yael calò explains some documents kept in the room of the twentieth century.

Denise Ruben will tell us about the Libyan room.

The Director tells us about a special donation: the Corcos decoration .

Lia Toaff explains a series of letters and postcards written during the First World War by Jews serving on the frontline .

The Director tells a story about an important family of the Ghetto of Rome: the Baraffael.