The Foundation

Jewish Museum of Rome

The Foundation for the Jewish Museum of Rome was established in 2019 on the initiative of the Jewish Community of Rome, with the aim of promoting conservation, restoration, enhancement, study and research, as well as the management and increase of the funds of the Jewish Museum, which belong to the Jewish Community of Rome.

The Foundation also aims to implement information and teaching programs, to promote studies and research in the field of Judaism and their spread, to organize conferences and research seminars, conventions and exhibitions.

Furthermore, it promotes, maintains and develops collaborative relationships and exchanges with similar Italian and foreign institutions.

The Foundation is composed of the President, the Board of Directors, the Director of the Jewish Museum of Rome, the Committee of Supporters, the Scientific Committee and the Board of Auditors.



President of the Foundation for the Jewish Museum of Rome

Alessandra Di Castro


Board of Directors

Alessandra Di Castro, President

Ruth Dureghello

Riccardo Di Segni

Joshua Spinner

Giorgia Calò


Scientific Committee

Francesco Leone, Coordinator

Davide Sestieri

Fabio Perugia

Serena Di Nepi

Ariela Piattelli

Amedeo Spagnoletto

Samuele Rocca

Olga Melasecchi

Giorgia Calò